How do you make something that's good for the environment and society?

People and organisations are wondering how to decrease their footprints and operate more sustainably - but many of us have no idea how. We don't know what to prioritise, where to start or what our options are.

Quick fixes, like the discarded 'green' bag, are appealing when real change to underlying processes and products is daunting. But they're not enough, and, in spite of good intentions, we're getting it wrong too often.

I can help.

I offer design-led strategic consulting to help you create products & services that improve customer experience and environmental performance.

I draw on broad knowledge of design methods, materials, making processes, digital technologies, supply chains, systems thinking and sustainability frameworks combined with economic understanding and entrepreneurial nous.

My approach is both inquisitive and creative: asking critical questions, uncovering unusual angles, and drawing together diverse strands to create new connections.

Design-led sustainable innovation

Forget CSR and rebuild your products and services to do right across the value chain.

I use design and systems thinking methods to map the big picture and understand customer needs. At the same time, I can help you re-align your procurement and processes to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste, increase value capture and create new opportunities.

The result is future-fit products and services that reduce resource and regulatory risk, while improve your social licence to operate.

And making your customers happy, of course.

Creative strategies for complex problems

Intense curiosity, sharp intuition, broad general knowledge and an appetite for learning drive my highly creative thinking. I can help you break down and map complex problems, indentifying barriers, opportunties and intervention points for creating positive social and environmental outcomes.

Digital products, services and data

I have a long and broad history of working with digital technologies, to solve real problems through the development of practical, ethical and inclusive digital products, campaigns and data strategies. I bring together a technical understanding of technology stacks with a vital user-centred approach that's focussed on human values.

Brands with integrity

Create authentic connections with your customers, employees and the public through engaging and transparent story-telling. I employ a combination of user-experience and service design concepts to create events, experiences and content that invites and inspires your audience.

Work with me

I take on projects and contract work as an external consultant, individual contributor or specialist team member. Please get in touch and I'll be happy to discuss how I can help with your questions, problems, projects and goals.